Karen Hanson

Head Administrator

[email protected]


Karen started with Alberta Workplace Solutions in 2006 when her employer at the time, Alastair Maclean, merged his group business into AWPS. Since that time, Karen has been the head of group administration working closely with both business owners, and their plan administrators ensuring service issues are handled in a timely fashion.

Karen prides herself on “getting things handled”. A very caring person by nature, over the years Karen has assumed the role of psychologist and mother figure to many of the team members and colleagues working with Alberta Workplace Solutions. Often is the case when a colleague shows up at Karen’s door looking for some personal advice. Her approach to dealing with any issues that arise is legendary, and it is common for clients to comment “Karen is the best to deal with and they are always happy to hear her voice on the other end of the phone”.

Outside of work, Karen enjoys camping trips with her husband Wes, and although she has lived in Southern Alberta since 1980, her heart will always be in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

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I can’t live without my…

Morning cup of tea

Best Concert Ever Attended?

Bob Seger

Favourite Type Of Sushi?

Fish and chips ONLY please, no sushi

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What Is Your Favourite Movie?

all the Bourne movies

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